Our 6 Supporting Break-Out Venues

Our break rooms allow your event to run seamlessly by providing the additional space required for large events. These rooms are versatile and can be utilised for various purposes.

Conference Room: 200 Cinema, 120 Banquet

Media Room: 80 People Seated

Studio: 40-50 People Seated (Holding Room)

VIP Lounge: 60-80 People seated (Holding Room)

Rehearsal Studio80 People Seated

VIP Suite: 3 Bedroom Holding Apartment

Please note that prices may vary when venues are booked independently without a Main Arena or Theatre booking.
Please ask for a formal quotation to confirm your pricing.

VIP Suite

Our fully furnished 3 bedroom VIP suite is our newest addition to Heartfelt and includes a lounge, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, and a private toilet with shower/bath.

Floor Plan

Take a look at where you'll find our break venue's.

Lower Level

Upper Level